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ALMASOOM is an Iranian company that produces different high-quality surgical and medical instruments

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AlMasoom was founded 18 years ago by a group of experienced specialists serving in surgical instruments trade. Using our skills and experiences, we are proud to be helping surgeons through tough situations by our novel ideas which all come from our careful observation of the actual operations and procedures resulting in more effective and efficient transfer of needs.

Why choose ALMASOOM ?

18 Years of experience

Ensure the quality of goods

Free expert consulting

5 years warranty

After sales service

High variety of goods

AlMasoom Surgical Sets

General surgery set

General surgery sets


Orthopedic sets


Cardiovascular sets


Nerve sets

Skin and burn sets

Skin and burn sets


Urology sets


ENT sets

eye ball

Eye sets

Gynecological sets

Gynecological sets

Diagnostic and anesthesia sets

Diagnostic and anesthesia sets

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