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Al Masoom Teb Canada will sell high-quality Class I resuable medical instruments and supplies including pliers, forceps, tube clamps, tweezers, scissors, diagnostic tools, catheters, fistula probes, plasters and bandage tools, suture tools, anesthesia instruments, trocars, suction tubes, cannulas, neurosurgery tools, laminectomy tools, bone surgery tools, cardiovascular surgery tools, urology tools, stomach, intestines, and rectum tools, dermatology tools, tracheotomy tools, rhinoplasty tools, ear surgery tools, gynecology tools, cosmetic surgery tools, oral and maxillofacial surgery instruments, ophthalmic instruments, measuring tools – calipers, and different sets including cardiovascular, nerve, diagnosis, anesthesia, general surgery, urology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat) sets, and many others. The Company will purchase these products locally but will also start manufacturing medical instruments in Canada in Year 3.

almasoom products
almasoom products2

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