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Al-Masoom-Teb Surgical Instruments Industrial Production Company

Al-Masoom-Teb Surgical lnstruments lndustrial Production Company is an Iranian company that produces different high-quality surgical and medical instruments, and purchases, sells, exports, and imports all authorized commercial goods. It obtains loans and credit from financial and credit institutes and private and public sectors; obtains and grants the representative inside and outside the country; participates in tenders and bids of private and public sectors. Its central office is located at Unit 402, 3rd Floor, Zaer Bldg., Corner of Southern Eskandari St., Tehran, Iran. The parent company’s factory is located at Gol Ara 3rd Street, Gol Azin 3rd Street, Ghazali Gharbi, Phase 2, Eshtehard Industrial City, Eshtehard, Alborz.



Mehdi Golsharifi

Company Manager

Dedicated and Professional with 14 Years of successful experiene in the field surgical instruments, producing and sell managing.
Talented leader with excellent planning, project management skills, assertive and the ability to meet the company’s budget by monitoring project expenditures. As a forethought manager he build a work culture of mutual trust in his company and focus on employee strengths, do not micromanage the workers , help develop employees’s careers, handle pressure well and communicate honestly.

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